Ways to enter new markets with growth investment

2 May, 2023 | insight

Having our team located across North America, the UK and Europe gives our clients access to a uniquely international network of investors and strategic partners. By involving Axial team members from multiple geographies on many of the transactions we manage, we help to open new market opportunities through our extensive relationships – further enhanced by the pull effect of engaging new capital from multiple regions. In periods when capital markets & private equity in general face headwinds it’s our multi-channel, multi-region operating model that allows our clients to continue achieving more forward momentum than a single market might provide – and with a view to achieving enhanced operational outcomes through those strategic financing activities.

So what does strategic growth capital look like? Ultimately this is a factor of sector, geography, corporate objectives, and a multitude of more nuanced considerations that will see the process managed differently for each founder going through an exciting period of growth. Through distribution and partnership collaborations our clients gain access to know-how and networks in new markets, and potentially enhanced opportunities for deploying their services and technologies – and with scope for resource sharing and cost efficiencies as a result.

As every founder knows growth is not without its challenges, and the investment of time with the support of Axial’s network of consultants can put shape and structure to the milestones a business wants to hit as it passes through funding rounds. Every founder talks about their roadmap, and the trick is making sure it’s the right one!

Ultimately commercial and strategic alignment in the growth objectives of a business can be a great way to accelerate growth, and to leverage the strength and collective knowledge of a more significant network. With our consultants having backgrounds from private equity, capital markets, and international consulting firms the perspectives that our project teams bring to each client engagement makes each year of expansion all the more enjoyable!