Second guessing with AI

22 June, 2023 | insight

Is it time to hand important financial decisions to GPT? The answer to that question was a resounding No not too long ago, but the ‘intelligence’ bit of AI has moved on rapidly in just the recent year, notably enhancing precision and adaptability, to the point where a recent market-review article illustrated how AI was fed technical data to undermine Reuters’ bullish stance on Rivian stock – ultimately giving a result of ‘under-perform’ when taking into account previous stock data, and suggesting a sell recommendation on stock that Reuters was openly positive about. Right or wrong, that’s interesting.

Across our client portfolio we are increasingly seeing AI (or at least an attempt at it; automation is not AI) bolster services and solutions that are being deployed across sectors from agri through to InsurTech and workflow management. If, like us, you have asked Bard or GPT the same question in different ways to ultimately get to a reasonable answer, you’ll appreciate that even if a certain level of manual intervention is still relevant, the emotive or ‘human factor’ is not – and that’s where the potential for value (and to outmaneuver a human) really runs deep.

One reason we really like the concept of bringing AI into the markets or sector applications across our client portfolio, is that it generally means the degree of scalability for that business is greater than before – and with our operational model being focused on expansion as much as investment, supported by our team across multiple geographies, the results from our collective efforts with each client can be all the more enhanced. A great case in point is a client in the AI process automation space, whose technology we are introducing across our portfolio for testing and circular feedback, so ultimately the collective financial returns can be incredibly impacting. It’s not quite a focus on financial decisions in the end, but the financial results speak for themselves!