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More than 40,000 companies are listed on stock exchanges worldwide, accessing capital and benefitting from enhanced visibility to investors and to the broader marketplace. There is a common misconception that a company should be particularly large before entering the public markets. We work with scaleup companies that typically believe they must pitch to VC’s for capital, and we support them with our public capital markets investment model.

Scaleup companies choose to list on venture-stage stock markets to raise capital for accelerated growth. Often this is to finance negative burn or to expand by acquisition, or as part of a strategic exit strategy – and usually to raise the profile of the company at the same time. Through accessing the public capital markets across jurisdictions, a scaleup company can leverage its capabilities and accelerate growth in revenues and market penetration.

The benefits of listing your company are varied and numerous, and with the support of Axial Capital you can take your company to the next phase of success.