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The core of our capital markets business is to provide promising small-mid cap listed companies with exposure to our investor network across London, Europe and North America, and to support market-ready companies with accelerated IPO strategies. Our financing and expansion model involves increased liquidity and investor engagement, and to give companies access to international capital markets that enhance and diversify the fundamental value proposition for your corporate expansion.

Our focus is to provide liquidity and the greatest returns for all stakeholders. We do this by retaining a vested interest in each capital markets undertaking, and we remain engaged alongside other shareholders to give support as the company grows. Investor relations activities are fundamental in broadening your shareholder register across European and North American markets, and our associates are on the ground in key European centres to manage those relationships for the greatest returns.

We have advised companies from the UK and Europe, and as far away as Canada and APAC, on dual listings and stock market financing by direct IPO or cash-shell deals, and we lead pre-IPO and private investment rounds. We maintain strong links with international stock markets in London, Canada, Frankfurt and Australia to bring the greatest value to ambitious companies.

Companies that receive our support will benefit from our extensive network of broking firms, investment houses and legal & audit professionals to bring expertise to each transaction in our core jurisdictions. This ensures we assemble the most effective team to support each client for investment and advice.