Investor relations for your cap-table

2 October, 2022 | insight

Investor relations activities are fundamental in broadening your shareholder register, whether your company is climbing the startup ranks or is already a small cap listed company. Ultimately this is where your ongoing liquidity and financial support will come from, so the importance of a continued process of investor engagement shouldn’t be underestimated.

For early stage and private companies it’s typically your cornerstone and strategic investors that warrant the most attention, and for listed companies a broad spread of supportive investors – both institutional and retail – should be kept engaged and informed on operational updates and news releases. To communicate that news flow positively for the greatest investor response, an investor relations team is core to your financing activities and your valuation objectives.

With our associates on the ground in key centres across the UK and Europe, North America and Australia, those relationships can be managed for enhanced investor engagement, so each client we work with can benefit from a focused approach to an efficient capital structure. The combined effect of supporting your valuation, and maintaining a sense of positive presence for your investors, puts your business on a stronger footing as you progress through funding rounds and expansion strategies. All the better for those who keep ahead of the curve!