Investing across AgriTech

28 August, 2023 | insight
Agritech investment

Technology advancements in indoor farming are revolutionising agriculture. When you think of the thousands of food varieties being farmed differently across countries and continents, the impact is truly global.

These innovations promise more sustainable and efficient food production, even in urban settings, and Axial Capital is leading investment and research collaborations for AgriTech startups in a number of these verticals. 

How do you define ‘AgriTech’? In short, broadly! Cutting-edge lighting and imagery systems provide tailored spectra for optimal plant growth while conserving energy as compared with legacy methods. Automated climate control systems adjust and balance temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels precisely across the breadth and varying height levels of each indoor environment – pivotal for accurately managing rising heat and pockets of humidity.

And further yet: hydroponic and aeroponic systems deliver essential nutrients directly to plant roots, enhancing yields and reducing water usage. And sensors driven by AI algorithms continuously monitor plant health, detecting issues before they escalate – a particular vertical we are supporting very actively.

These advancements not only boost crop productivity but also reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides. The very real threat of food shortages is an increasingly common news piece, but we’re highly conscious too of the long running use of chemicals and excessive water consumption in our food chain, and as new technologies improve yields across global centres it is slowly but surely contributing toward a healthier planet at the same time. Indoor farming’s future looks promising, being more than a glimmer of hope for the world’s food security and environmental challenges. A worthy commitment of time and resources in our view!