A drone for all occasions

16 February, 2023 | insight

In advisory and capital raising we provide strategic support and financing to businesses in many sectors, and one that we particularly enjoy spending time on is the broader UAV space. When drones are put to good use it’s impressive to witness. We have seen drones that make emergency blood deliveries in Italy, drones that are launched from remote bases around London to inspect potential crimes in real time, and drones that monitor and report on industrial assets from the North Sea to the Middle East.

Where does the true value lie in each of these innovations? Primarily it’s a question of genuine IP and proven engagement with the markets that those drones are designed to serve. To move beyond the realm of being a short-term solution, and into a position of being integral – even pivotal – to the operations of their client base, is where long term value can be recognised. And in turn this is fundamental to the sustainable value proposition that we present to our institutional investor base. After all, when asking for investment to accelerate the market rollout, a clear return on that investment – and a clear path to liquidity – will sway the argument for choosing one opportunity over another. With both private capital and listed investment vehicles in our network looking at these investments with us, the market continues to simmer with some heat.

With so many factors influencing how the UAV market can evolve, whether it be regulatory restrictions, advancements in other technologies that bring about new opportunities for drone applications, or societal considerations such as privacy that present ethical boundaries in some use-cases, we will continue to watch the industry with interest!